Looking For A Perfect Gentleman

By: Xandra Popescu and Larisa Crunteanu, curated by Simona Dumitriu

Inspired by couch casting and burlesque shows, this piece portrays several men from our entourage and unveils their views on good looks, romance and courtship. We made a list of boys and men in our entourage and convinced them to audition for the part of a perfect gentleman. In the light of an autumn afternoon, they interpret literary texts with romantic connotations. For your viewing pleasure, they wear noting but a a sumptuous burgundy robe. After the performance, they take questions and reveal their views on what makes a man look good, their physical qualities but also their complexes.

Looking for a perfect Gentleman

film still,

Video, 2 hours

Looking Video still, 2012

Exhibited at Atelier35 during the month of May in 2012.