Things for Money

By: Xandra Popescu and Larisa Crunteanu

This project consists in a collection of disclosures around generating income. We gathered these stories from friends, family and acquaintances and dramatized them into a performance. Things for Money started out from the acknowledgement of an increasingly volatile relationship between work and money as well as the radical changes in nowadays working world. These changes have affected especially what we call the creative class, which we are part of. Since income is viewed as a compensation for the inconvenience of working, “creatives” are often expected to work voluntarily. Furthermore, in-spite of technological advancement we are witnessing the rise of what calls “bullshit jobs”. Buckminster Fuller refers to the same phenomenon as Obnoxico or “jobs that don’t produce any wealth or life support”. Buckminster Fuller has defined wealth as “the accomplished technological ability to protect, nurture, support, and accommodate all growful needs of life”.